File Policy

The purposes of this policy are:

  1. To protect the confidentiality of the work of the Committee and of individuals involved in issues before the Committee;

  2. To preserve in appropriate fashion the historical record of the University.

All official files of the Committee shall be maintained in the Committee Office under the supervision of the elected Chair. As an aid to deliberations, members of the Committee have in their possession copies of various confidential Committee documents. All members share the obligation to protect these papers and to return them to the Committee Office when a case is completed or a term of service on the Committee ends.

Description and disposition of file categories:

There are several distinctions made between consultation records and case files. A consultation is an informal level of hearing by FAC of a complaint, appeal, or inquiry. The purpose of the consultation stage is to attempt to solve problems in a way that helps to maintain the collegial atmosphere of a unit. A consultation often requires informing people of various policies and procedures or other avenues of appeal. If a grievance cannot be resolved informally and the complainant has exhausted all other avenues of appeal, the FAC may then decide to elevate the matter to case status. An investigation is conducted by a subcommittee of the FAC. The subcommittee interviews case principals and submits its finding and recommendations for action by the full Committee.

Committee Activities File Case Files

Consultation Records

Committee Issuances and Publications File

Adopted March 31, 2000